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It is our sacrifice as a family that will make this country great again,
not some election. And we are not alone. I am among some of
the most honorable, and selfless people I have
ever met. The University of Texas in the state capital Austin last week revealed that it would ban handguns in dormitories,
but would allow them to be carried into classrooms.The legislation,
which will come into effect on August 1, does give
private educational institutions the choice of whether to allow handguns on their premises.
However, so far none have chosen to allow guns."Academics know the intrusion of gun culture into campus inevitably harms academic culture, Snow said.The legislation, known as House Bill 901, was approved in June and allows the open carrying of handguns in public and on university campuses, while it also allows those who hold a concealed carry license to carry guns in public in a hip or shoulder holster.Some Second Amendment activists thought the open carry bill did not go far enough, since it did not abolish the licensing requirement. Police chiefs mobilized to successfully defeat an amendment that would have prevented officers from demanding to see people licenses.

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